Colored Contact Lenses

Some contact lenses are also available in various colors, or tints.

colored contact lensesIf you desire a new look, or wish to make your eyes match your mood, or just change your eye color for a special occasion, we offer colored contact lenses that will meet your wishes.

Types of colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses come in a variety of tints. Some are tinted so you can see the lens easier when inserting them, but the visibility tint has no effect on the visible color of your eye.  Others will enhance your natural eye color or you can choose contact lenses that actually change the color of your eye for a more dramatic look.


AIR_OPTIX_COLORSAdvancements in colored contact lenses have brought us the new AirOptix Colors contact lenses.  These new  lenses have improved breathability compared to older alternative colored lenses.  They are designed for daily wear, with a monthly replacement schedule.  Simply remove and clean the lenses daily, and then replace them with a fresh pair every month.   Packages come with six lenses per box, so the convenience of a year’s supply of contacts is achieved with just 4 boxes of lenses.

If you are interested in colored contact lenses, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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