New Technology in Contact Lenses

Contact Lens TechnologyContact lens technologies have expanded in recent years to include many innovative features which provide unparalleled comfort, reduced the chance of infection and other contact lens-related complications, and provide superior vision.
If you are debating the type of contacts you want to wear, you’ll need to consider how differing technologies may benefit you.  Do you want to have a fresh set of contacts for each day, or do you have ocular allergies?  If so, daily disposable contacts are a great option.  Do you want lenses with superior durability, or are you on a smaller budget?  You may want to consider a less frequent replacement lens.  Do you want to change the look and color of your eyes?  Then consider colored contact lens options.

Take a look at how three new brands of contact lenses are changing the way people see the world.

Clariti Dailies by CooperVision®

contact lenses technologyThese daily disposable lenses come in three forms: sphere, toric (for astigmatism), and multifocal.  Clariti daily lenses use silicone hydrogel to create a more breathable lens. Created through AquaGen™ technology, the Clariti contact lens unique material also attracts moisture, to reduce dryness, and includes anti-UVA and –UVB protection by absorbing wavelengths of harmful light passing through the material.  As always, you should continue to wear eye protection for UV-exposure to reduce exposure of uncovered areas of your eye to harmful rays.

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Monthly Disposables

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA Monthly Disposables include the innovative MoistureSeal technology within their hydrogel formula. These contact lenses contain a molecular
matrix that improves flexibility and allows increased oxygen transport to the surface of the eye. ULTRA contacts also contain four times more PVPs (water-loving polymers) than other hydrogel lenses, reports a Bausch + Lomb study.  Baush & Lomb also reports that these lenses can maintain 95 percent of their moisture content for 16 hours and prevent blurred vision when in low light conditions, which is excellent for extended use for viewing digital devices.


contact lensesAIR OPTIX® COLORS are one of the newest innovations in colored contact lenses.  Their material allow approximately five times more oxygen transfer through the lens when compared to Alcon’s Freshlook colored contact lenses.  This newer material maintains breathability and helps to reduces eye irritation throughout the day.  Additionally, AIR OPTIX® COLORS use a new technology to blend three unique eye colors to blend naturally with your personal eye color, and are available in nine color options.
If you’re unsure about which contacts will be best for your eyes, schedule an appointment with our office today.  We recommend annual vision examinations, so if you haven’t had an eye exam within in the last year, you are past due.  You only have one set of eyes for the rest of your life, so please take care of them!
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