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Introducing CLARIFYE: The Old Way Just Got Even Older

Like many of our patients, you’ve spent your last appointment or two having an AccuExam, our state of the art digital eye exam. You probably enjoyed the way AccuExam’s digital technology made the
xam process, quicker, easier, and just more interesting!

What you may not know is that AccuExam was the first step in an even larger process. We like to think of it as an eye exam revolution. (Hey, maybe we’re a little biased.)

Over the past year, in partnership with LensCrafters, we’ve carefully taken note of AccuExam’s best qualities, and also ways we could make the exam even better.

We are now proud to introduce y
ou to Clarifye: The Digital Eye Exam That Shows You More.

Clarifye builds on AccuExam’s successes, and incorporates advanced technology into a streamlined and informative exam process. You’ll come out of your Clarifye exam with a new understanding of your eyes, insight into your overall health, and confidence that you’re seeing your very best.

Clarifye Only Full Color-NO  LCIf you liked AccuExam, we know you’ll love Clarifye. But don’t just take our word for it; come see what you’ve been missing. Schedule your next eye exam today.

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