Do you accept Medicare / Medicaid?

We accept Medicare, but we do not accept Medicaid.

What does my insurance cover?

In order to determine what is covered, it is necessary to contact your insurance company. It is rare to find a plan that is the same for everybody. Typically vision insurance will cover examinations regarding the general health of your eyes, prescription check and in some cases contact fittings. Because insurance plans vary widely, we highly suggest contacting your insurance provider for a full explanation of your policy and what is / is not covered.

Why do you need my medical insurance information?

In some cases, we may need to bill your medical insurance instead of your vision carrier. The reason for this is that certain medical conditions that affect the eye, such as pink eye, diabetes, foreign bodies (i.e. a piece of wood is stuck in your eye) are covered by your medical insurance. Your doctor will determine whether to bill your vision or your medical insurance once he/she  has completed your exam.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at the Southlands Mall (E-470 & Smoky Hill Rd) in Aurora, CO. We are the doctors located inside of LensCrafters, next to Barnes & Noble. When you arrive, enter through the LensCrafters doors and walk towards the back of the store. Our reception desk is on your left.



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