First Visit

Doctors Chad and Kristen Nicholson are currently accepting new patients. Here, you will find more information regarding what you can expect during your first visit to Southlands Vision & Associates.

Southlands Vision Associates LLCOnce you have scheduled your appointment, we suggest you fill out and submit our online patient form prior to your arrival to save time. If you prefer to fill out the necessary paperwork at our office, please give yourself additional time to do so by arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  You will then be taken into the pre-test room by one of our technicians, where they will perform a thorough test using an auto-refractor, a machine that will give an approximate measurement of your vision quality.

Eye Exam

A first visit will also include testing for color and depth perception. This initial screening will help the doctor determine the overall health and condition of your eye so they can recommend the proper treatment and/or prescription. The doctor now has a starting point to measure the true quality of your vision.

After you’ve completed the pre-testing, you will be seen by one of our doctors to review your results. The doctor willperform an actual refraction to determine a more accurate reading of your actual vision quality by measuring your acuity in order to write an appropriate prescription for your eyes. For a standard eye exam,  you can expect your appointment to last 30-45 minutes.

Upon completion of your exam, you will be directed to LensCrafters to choose and be fitted for frames. If you choose to wear contacts, we often recommend you consider ordering a pair of back-up glasses. Patients who wear contacts can expect a follow-up after a week. If the doctor wants to monitor any condition, we will schedule the appropriate follow-up appointment. All other patients will receive a phone call at yearly intervals as a reminder that your annual eye exam is due. It is recommended that you see your eye doctor once a year to maintain optimal eye health.

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