Celebrate Senior Independence: Take Care of Your Eyes and Maintain your Independence in Your Later Years

Senior IndependenceCelebrate Senior Independence, as you age, your vision may naturally degrade. However, your lifestyle can play a great part in determining whether your vision degrades slowly or even at all. Most importantly, maintaining healthy eyes will allow you greater freedom in your golden years.

The Little Things

No matter your age, you can begin taking care of your eyesight immediately. The first and simplest thing to do is buy a quality pair of sunglasses that feature complete UV-A and UV-B protection. Wear these sunglasses for all outdoor activities, regardless of the season.

Senior Independence: Replace Negative Habits With Good Ones

Smoking is one of the worst contributors to vision degradation. Smoking can cause irreversible eye damage such as vision loss, cataracts, and optic nerve degeneration. While quitting smoking isn’t easy, it’s a necessary step in ensuring healthy eyes.

When quitting smoking, try taking more walks around the neighborhood along with other forms of light exercise. It will take your mind off of smoking, and it will help to improve your overall health. A healthy body means healthy eyes, and it all starts with just a little walking!

Eat For Your Eyes

A healthy diet can help to reduce your risk of eye degeneration, and it can also reduce your risk for blinding diseases such as diabetes. An ideal diet will contain healthy fats, leafy greens, and of course, a daily serving of fruits. Replace that greasy steak with fresh salmon, and instead of candy, have some almonds or broccoli to ease your sweet tooth.

You can also reduce sugar consumption by switching from soda to water. While enhancing your diet can be initially difficult, your eyes will eventually thank you!

Visit an Optometrist at Southlands Vision Associates

You may require glasses without even knowing it. And many eye conditions, in the early stages, have minimal to no symptoms until significant damage occurs.   Early detection is key to maintaining quality vision and good ocular health. By taking care of your eyes today, you will pave the way for independence tomorrow!Eye Health


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